Senior Seminar

Course Outline/Syllabus

Descriptions of the Technology Laboratories

Desktop Publishing Laboratory

Students explore the realm of electronic page layout and produce documents using a desktop publishing system consisting of a computer, laser printer, scanner and software.

Web Resources for Students

Video Production
The availability of low cost camcorders, video editing software and YouTube allows anyone to generate videos for family, fun, education, politics, business, etc. Video production is an ubiquitous part of our global society. Students can explore the world of Video Production using Apple iMovie and Final Cut Express, Flip and Canon video cameras and iMac computers.

Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Students have the opportunity to explore the basic concepts and techniques associated with studying the ultra structure of biological specimens using the CVGS Hitachi N3400 scanning electron microscope. Digital technology is used to produce prints from specimen micrographs. Student specimen micrographs are digitally captured and archived on the SEM web server. Students produce digitally enhanced inkjet prints of the images.

Photoshop Laboratory

Students learn the basic tools and design of the photoshop software using techniques required to edit images and produce various types of graphic design products. 

Scientific Photography Laboratory

Students learn how to digitally capture images and use Photoshop to produce master images of objects or phenomena that occur at high speeds – things that the human eye normally cannot see. They use electronic sound, light, or contact triggers to trip electronic flash units that freeze the action, or they may use strobe photography for analyzing phenomena over a longer period of time.

Microbiology Laboratory

Student will learn common aseptic techniques used by microbiologists.  They will learn how to safely collect and culture bacteria and to grow it on different media.  They will analyze bacterial growth and learn the different methods of collecting and then identifying unknown bacteria.

Biotechnology Laboratory
In the biotechnology lab, students learn research protocols for culturing microorganisms and isolating DNA, RNA and proteins. Techniques for DNA extraction, restriction analysis, PCR and transformations will be explored. 

Nuclear Science Laboratory

Students explore radioisotope characteristics and applications with scalar rate meters interfaced to Geiger tubes, gamma ray spectroscopy with nuclear scintillation systems, or radon monitoring utilizing electret-passive environmental radon monitoring (E-PERM) systems.

Robotics Laboratory
Students investigate the fundamentals of robotics technology and program a Rhino Robot XR-3 Arm to operate in a work cell environment and create special task robots using LOGO Mindstorm sets.

ipad Applet Programming & Design
For the 1st six weeks, students will learn the basics of programming as it applies to the ipad  and includes ipad applications. During the second six weeks, students will apply their knowledge and skills to developing ipad applets. 

3-D Design and Printing
Student learn how to use software to create 3-D designs which they are then able to print using the 3-D printer.